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According to a Bloomberg report, Cartier has sued LVMH jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. for stealing trade secrets pertaining to its most exclusive products.

Megan Marino was hired by Tiffany to work on its “high jewelry” collection involving one-of-one pieces that fetch upwards of $10 million USD. In the recent lawsuit, Marino is accused of downloading confidential information pertaining to Cartier’s high-end business before leaving the company and handing it to her new employers at Tiffany.

Cartier accuses its competitor saying that this incident “opened a window into Tiffany’s disturbing culture of misappropriating competitive information.” A Tiffany spokeswoman responded saying, “We deny the baseless allegation and will vigorously defend ourselves.”

According to lawsuit documents, Marino was fired from the company after issues were raised, but Cartier claims more senior Tiffany executives have already got their hands on the trade secret information.

This is the second time in recent memory that Cartier has taken legal action against Tiffany for attempting to steal company secrets. Back in 2014, a former advertising executive was accused of trying to get her former assistant to join her at Tiffany and bring along restricted information.

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