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  • Kikkerland Palm Reader Jewelry Stand in White

  • ValerieAnneStudio Jewelry Organizer

  • Monrocco 2pcs Female Mannequin Hand

  • ChezMax Jewelry Display Holder


Every few months, I begin to notice a very specific type of home product trend emerge. Previously, mushroom lamps, disco ball planters, and Matisse-style prints have popped up in the homes of my chicest friends and the trendy influencers that I follow on Instagram. And now my keen eye has led me to the next “it” item: 3D hand-shaped ring and jewelry holders.

I first spotted a ceramic hand jewelry stand at a friend’s apartment. At first, I thought it was merely an accoutrement to spruce up the area, but then I realized it was serving a practical purpose.. Her rings were slipped onto the fingers and her necklaces were draped somewhat haphazardly, yet beautifully, across the palms. 

I immediately requested that she reveal where she got it; d her frustrating answer was a flea market. After that, I started noticing the hand-shaped holders everywhere. They regularly appeared in   Instagram photos, acquaintance’s bedrooms, and curated vintage stores.

Diana Ring Holder

ceramic jewelry holder

The ultimate combination of decor and organization, the statement piece became a wishlist item for my home. I looked online for one,and although there are a ton of great options on Etsy, I settled on one from Urban Outfitters. The vintage-inspired design made me think of the famed Portuguese Azulejo tiles. Yet unlike an actual vintage piece, I didn’t have to commit to it permanently in case it didn’tfit my vibe. 

Although I am partial to a ceramic or porcelain option, there are also less fragile options like plastic or resin-like materials. These alternatives make a wonderful choice for anyone who’s afraid of breaking it via clumsiness or an overactive pet. 

The trend has yet to become ubiquitous, but I promise you it will be everywhere in a few months — sort of like  that omnipresent,neon-lit Ultrafragola Wave Mirror.  And while I went to Urban Outfitters for the ceramic hand in blue, the Kikkerland Palm Reader Hand is a  fun alternative for the astrology-obsessed (and nearly half the price). Opt for the ObjectLover Hand Tray if you like vibrant colors or the ValerieAnneStudio display stand if you need extra jewelry storage.  Want to stretch your buck? You can get a set of two plastic hands on Amazon for just $14.  Otherwise, you’ll need to spend a bit more for a range of colors and finishes, including this fun transparent option in pink. 

Whichever you pick, you’ll have  an easy and affordable way to modernize your jewelry organization. 

Kikkerland Palm Reader Jewelry Stand in White

ceramic jewelry holder

ObjectLover Hand Tray

ceramic jewelry holder

ValerieAnneStudio Jewelry Organizer

ceramic jewelry holder

Monrocco 2pcs Female Mannequin Hand

ceramic jewelry holder

ChezMax Jewelry Display Holder

ceramic jewelry holder

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