Meet The Next Evolution Of Mansur Gavriel’s Classic Bucket Bag

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I’ve always been a fan of Mansur Gavriel’s understated, quirky luxury aesthetic. When the brand launched back in 2013, I tried (unsuccessfully) to snag one of their coveted bucket bags, but they’d notoriously sell out minutes after they were dropped. I finally obtained a bucket bag secondhand (via an influencer’s Instagram sale) and while I paid a discounted price, I would have gotten my money’s worth had I plunked down every penny of the full retail price — I wore the bag pretty much daily until retiring it last summer. (It’s now in the hands of my college-aged little sister, likely meeting its demise at some beer-soaked frat party. RIP.)

Unlike my well-loved bucket bag, Mansur Gavriel is still riding high; turning out stylish, timeless, and high-quality footwear and handbags that continue to rack up long wait lists and spark near-instantaneous sell-throughs. (They recently restocked the editor-favorite Mini Cloud Clutch in a slew of new colors, and I’m crossing my fingers they bring back the Candy Bag in more hues — it’s truly the perfect 90s glam-inspired accessory.) Earlier his month, Mansur released a brand new style: The Lilium Bag. As a lifelong proponent of quality over quantity, I thought it was my duty to put my fancy-girl taste meter to the test *cue #materialgirl TikTok* to determine if the luxurious new style is worth the steep price tag.

The Lilium Bag is the evolution of the signature bucket silhouette that launched Mansur Gavriel into the stratosphere almost ten years ago. (In my opinion, if a croissant bag had a chic and food-like cousin, this baby would be it.) Although Mansur wasn’t inspired by this crescent-shaped pastry, the shape was inspired by a different natural form: a lily. It features a drawstring that gathers the bag at its opening — kind of like the bud of a flower — and has a curved silhouette that is meant to rest against your body comfortably. It’s made with a combination of durable brushed and soft Italian calf leathers, comes in two sizes: standard (which I have) and large, and six colors: black/flamma, caramel, mint, dahlia, crema, and bianca.

What’s It Like To Use Mansur Gavriel’s Lilium Bag?

The Lilium Bag not scrunched vs. scrunched

I’m always on the hunt for the just-right everyday bag, and I have a long-standing “perfect purse” checklist: The ideal accessory must have a crossbody option so I can roam hands-free; enough room to fit a book (because who knows when you’ll get stuck underground between subway stops without cell service); and a relatively classic, practical shape that isn’t going to go out of style in a year. I’m not a trend-driven purchaser, especially when it comes to a wardrobe investment piece with such a high price tag.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I did — it checks all of the “perfect purse” boxes. Most notably, the crossbody strap is superior. I’m very petite, so usually, bags with long straps hang awkwardly low on my frame, but this strap can adjust to be pretty short, so it rests on my side at just the height I prefer. I may be a rule-breaker, but I really like the bag without cinching the opening (shown above scrunching it closed vs. without). It made several trips on public transport secure against my body, fit all of my essentials (book, keys, wallet, sunglasses). An added bonus? As you can see in the photo, it can look like two completely different purses depending on how you adjust the drawstring. I’m very happy with my standard 13.4”-inch bag, but if you’re in need of something roomier that can fit a full 13” laptop with room to spare, the 15.7”-inch Large Lilium may be more your speed.

Is Mansur Gavriel’s Lilium Bag Worth It?

This is where the almost $750 price tag comes into play. If you’re in the market for a true investment, and the Lilium bag’s unique specs sound like they will fit your needs (as they did mine), I’d say it’s worth the cost. Based on my experience with the bucket bag and its respectable longevity, I feel good about investing in similar Mansur Gavriel styles. Plus, unlike the bucket bag — which is very structured and takes a bit of time to break-in — the leather on the Lilium feels soft, supple, and ready to move with you, but it still boasts a durable band of leather on the bottom of the bag that will help keep its shape and makes me believe it’ll last for years to come. This is another Mansur Gavriel bag that I’m ready to have by my side for the foreseeable future.

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