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nomad’s-new-magsafe-charger-doesn’t-need-an-external-puck,-but-does-cost-$130-–-the-verge in

Nomad has finally revealed its first officially licensed MagSafe charger, the Base One (that is to say, one that actually has the Apple MFi-approved MagSafe module built in, and not one with a separate charging cable threaded through). Unfortunately, that convenience doesn’t come cheap: the Base One costs $129.95.

As is typical for a Nomad product, the Base One is a handsome slab of glass and aluminum that promises a more refined experience than simply slapping Apple’s $40 charging puck on your nightstand. And it certainly looks nice enough, with a neat floating glass effect and about a pound of heft to keep it from falling off your nightstand.

Image: Nomad

But the $130 price tag here is definitely rough, especially for a charger that essentially only improves on Apple’s original by making aesthetic improvements. Plus, despite the high price tag, Nomad isn’t including a USB-C wall plug in the box (the Base One needs at least 30W), Nomad is discounting its own 30W plug down from $30 to $15 if you buy it with the Base One, but you’re still looking at an extra expense on top of the already pricey charger if you don’t have a spare handy.

Nomad is no stranger to pricey MagSafe accessories: the company’s previous weighted MagSafe Mount started at $59.95 for the zinc model and $99.95 for the more premium stainless steel version — neither of which actually included the actual MagSafe puck. (The previous accessory was intended to help weigh down Apple’s existing charging puck so it would stay put on your nightstand or desk, in addition to sprucing up the general look.) And if you’re a fan of those offerings, the Base One marks another good step in that direction, with a more integrated charger, a braided cable, and a nicer design.

Image: Nomad

I’ve spent a lot of time lamenting the general lack of third-party MagSafe accessories, so from that perspective, the addition of any new options from more companies is a good thing. But hopefully, the expensive Base One charger is just the first step in expanding integrated MagSafe modules to more products, one that offers additional functionality or form factors than Apple’s own charger in the future at prices that won’t break the bank.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a more affordable way to spiff up your MagSafe charger, there’s always Nomad’s $25 leather MagSafe charging cover.

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