The 20 Best Belts Will Do More Than Just Keep Your Pants Up

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Belts: Not as common as one might think. It was just this morning—on my long, crowded commute to the office—when I noticed a plethora of men without the all-important accessory. Two stood out. The first was an older guy who sat next to me, doused in aftershave, wearing tapered wool trousers with his belt loops hanging loose. The second, a 20-something, sat across the way, wearing baggy jeans, also with no belt. One is clearly headed into a corporate environment and the other visibility needed to have his pants pulled up, and yet neither thought to wear a belt.

I, on the other hand, believe in belts. I believe that they keep my pants secure. I believe that they prevent plumber’s crack. And I believe that they can tie a whole look together or add a flourish. They are essential in my book, which is why I have many types: oversized embossed leather beauties with pronounced buckles, classic black and brown bridle leather styles for events with a dress code, a few suede options, two woven, and even some with clip closures. If there are loops on the waistline, I will normally fill them. The only time I won’t is if there’s a tab closure, which begs to be shown off.

Of course, everyone has their own system of beliefs. Some, like those two dudes on the subway, clearly have no qualms about walking out of the house outdoors beltless (and, for one of them, no qualms about applying an excessive amount of aftershave). Different strokes for different folks, right? But if you prescribe to my personal philosophy—or if you’re looking to be converted—we have 20 of the best belts to cop now.

Classic Dress Belt

Amazon Essentials, per usual, has a sleek, dependable style at a price that’s pretty tough to beat.

Leather Double Prong Belt

Dickies creates some of the best heavy-duty pants around. The same can be said of the brand’s double-prong belt.

Classic Jean Belt

Need a belt to match your Timbs? This classic style comes in four colorways and will look especially great with a pair of 501s.

Web Belt

Shepard Fairey’s Obey is a brand that celebrates countercultures, specifically, punk rock and skateboarding. And its web belt definitely stays true this ethos.

Web Belt

Speaking of belts for skateboarding, no brand holds a candle to the OG.

Ranger Open Range Belt

Arcade offers the kind belts built for adventurers: the brand’s pieces are made of sturdy fibers with just the right amount of stretch, plus moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties. They are also great for traveling, as the clip closure is completely metal-free.

Essential Leather Belt

A belt from the Bean that’s as reliable as the brand’s famous duck boots.

Woven Belt

If preppy is part of your MO, it doesn’t get anymore authentic than a braided belt by J.Crew. Pair it with a some salmon-colored shorts and boat shoes, and consider yourself primed for Martha’s Vineyard or a night at Dorrian’s.

Bridle Leather Belt

Filson, purveyor of all things leather, is so assured of the quality of its belts—including this saddle-grade bridle leather—that it guarantees you’ll outgrow the style before you wear it out.

Rambler Belt

A fan of monochrome? Look no further than Shinola belt, made of black bridle leather with matching matte black hardware.

Classic Belt

Tanner Goods does indeed offer classics. This belt, for example, is constructed to be incredibly durable and comes in variety of vegetable-tanned colors, all of which will patina beautifully over time.

Braided Leather Stretch Belt

For nearly five decades, Anderson’s has been manufacturing some of the finest belts from Parma. It may have an English name, but the brand’s styles and supple leathers are straight-up Italian.

Woven Leather Belt

Paul Smith continues to offer styles that are equal parts posh and playful. This woven belt made of colorful strips of leather is proof.

Hand-Tooled Leather Belt

RRL continues to keep Western wear alive, offering styles—like this floral-pattern belt with a pronounced brass slider buckle—that’d garner compliments from real-life cowboys.

Cordovan Cognac Belt

Kreis has been around since the ’60s, offering hand-made belts crafted from leathers that are sourced from the finest tanneries throughout the globe. The brand makes it a point to offer belts that, like a fine cognac, will only get better with time.

Leather Belt

There are few brands that telegraph instant cachet quite like Gucci. So cop a belt with the brand’s signature double G buckle, and let others know that you’re a high roller.

Kaliboh Beaded Leather Belt

Isabel Marant often adds an unexpected, eye-catching detail that isn’t the least bit garish to her designs. Case in point: this beaded belt with a polished silver-tone buckle.

Arrow Buckle Leather Belt

From the bold embossed diagonal stripes to the arrow buckle, this belt is perfect example of Off-White’s signature motifs.

Intrecciato Leather Belt

Intrecciato leather in kelly green: this bright belt blends old and new Bottega seamlessly.

Constance Belt Buckle and Reversible Leather Strap

Leather goods from Hermès are a class apart. For centuries, the brand has been offering classic, no-fuss pieces that are incredibly well-made and, in most cases, appreciate in value over time. And this reversible belt, adorned with the brand’s iconic Constance buckle, lives up to that credo.

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