This 1 It Bag Will Help You Manifest Your Dream Summer Wardrobe

this-1-it-bag-will-help-you-manifest-your-dream-summer-wardrobe in


Summer means more fresh air, more sunshine, and calls for an energizing new wardrobe to complement every adventure. But you don’t have to go far to embrace a different style aesthetic. Instead, let your outfit inspire your mood and set the intention of the day ahead.

Influenced by the multiple facets of the Parisian woman, Longchamp champions timelessness, quality, and evoking a certain je ne sais quoi. The iconic brand’s newest collection is all about taking your look from bustling city streets to charming countryside roads — and anywhere else your summer plans (or lack thereof!) may take you. It’s about setting your vibe and owning it no matter where you are — starting with the new Roseau bags.

LA-based blogger and content creator Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth, of Honey & Silk, views the Roseau bag as a must have for summer 2022. “Its silhouette is elegant and understated, and it complements a tailored look well,” she says. “It’s a sophisticated style that transitions easily from polished city looks to more laid-back country life.”

While the Roseau bag is made for every day, its beauty lies in its luxe versatility. Whether you’re going from Paris to the South of France or LA to Malibu, the looks ahead, each styled by Liu Hjelmeseth, prove the Roseau bag is up to the challenge of becoming your new-season sidekick.


Liu Hjelmeseth’s closet is full of modern essentials that make her feel happy and confident. The mom of one describes herself as having grown into a season of minimalism, and she favors pieces that are easy to mix and match. This Longchamp blouse-and-skirt set is a perfect example of a fuss-free look that can be worn in many ways.


“Matching sets are always in style in the summer,” Liu Hjelmeseth says. “They’re so fun and also low-maintenance. I’m in love with this beautiful, organic motif.” She would wear this particular outfit to a picnic. “I can see this fitting in on a sprawling lawn,” she says. “I’d be fully prepared for muddy grounds and crisp air. The Roseau bag paired with the tall boots gives an air of heritage and nostalgia.”


“My dream summer wardrobe always consists of flowy whites and chic leather footwear, but I’m really excited to add in something colorful this year,” Liu Hjelmeseth says. “Summer 2022’s biggest trend will be bold colors, like a fun citrusy green or juicy fuchsia.” With this look, Liu Hjelmeseth gets the best of both worlds — her crisp white skirt and her playful burst of color.

“I love this look because it’s put together in a lively way,” she says. “It’s comfortable, feminine, and stylish. It’s fun how the bold hues and soft print collide with a festive spirit. I’d wear this to brunch in the atrium, where we’re surrounded by greenery and blue skies above.”

While the whole look flows well, it’s the Roseau bag that pulls everything together. “The Roseau bag is cute and compact for a more carefree look that doesn’t require a lot of essentials, only your charm and sense of adventure,” Liu Hjelmeseth says.


When it comes to her clothing, Liu Hjelmeseth focuses on high-quality, tailored pieces that are versatile. She likes items that transition from day to night, from city to countryside, and from playtime to work time. It’s why she’s such a fan of Longchamp and the Roseau bag.

“My style philosophy is to invest in things that will last a lifetime,” Liu Hjelmeseth says. “The beauty and craftsmanship is evident in Longchamp’s heritage; I know my Longchamp pieces will last. I especially love that these bags are polished in their design, so they’ll elevate any outfit.”

Liu Hjelmeseth can easily see herself wearing this look to a coffee meeting with a client. “I love the combination of leather and denim; it’s so cool and casual,” she says. “The Roseau bucket bag in black is classic and can hold all the things I need to go from the office to running errands around the city.”


Liu Hjelmeseth’s advice for curating a summer wardrobe of your own is to start with a foundation of neutral essential pieces like ivory pants, a perfect pair of denim shorts, an oversize button-up, and a classic pair of sunglasses.

“Always consider breathable fabrics that you can commit to caring for; something easy like cotton or more diligent like silk and linen,” Liu Hjelmeseth says. “And have fun with accessories in shiny golds, bold colors, or classic shapes like the Roseau bag.”

Perfectly tailored pants are one of Liu Hjelmeseth’s personal secret weapons, and a white pair like this is essential to her style. She loves pairing them with a pop of color or an elevated print. “I would wear this look to a lunch date with my girl friend in the city,” she says. “I love how the sweater vest has a hint of energizing green. I kept the rest of the look white to make the green logo pop. The Roseau bag in white croc leather stands out as modern and edgy, and the texture gives the outfit more dimension.”

Liu Hjelmeseth emphasizes not to think too hard when styling the Roseau bag. “It’s timeless and versatile, so it’ll go with nearly everything,” she says.

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