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this-see-through-fashion-accessory-digitally-preserves-cherished-heirlooms-to-pass-down-to-future-generations-–-yanko-design in

A digital accessory to display and show off your family heirlooms in style, rather than keeping them in closed cabinets for no one to see for decades!

Family heirlooms connect generations who’ve never ever met – making them a valued asset for centuries to come. The emotional attachment and the family history representation from a completely different era is what makes heirlooms special. It could be anything from a piece of jewelry, exquisite dress, an antique memento to a valued portrait or family bible. For young people, keeping heirlooms secured while having the trendy quotient is important. So, why not have an uber-cool accessory to store any valued heirloom digitally in style?

Designers: Vesta Rugilė Nausėdaitė and Auguras Pipiras

Meet the Airloom, a fashion accessory that’s essentially a digital picture frame in a clear case inspired by the Nothing ear(1) buds case design. So, now, rather than shunning the ancient things in your closet that you rarely access, it’s time to keep them in digital form in this mindful case. This way you’ll not end up hurting the family feelings, simply because you don’t find much interest in tagging along ancient things of your great, great grandfather all the time with you.

The idea is to click pictures or make videos of the important family heirlooms and upload them to the Airloom. If this reminds you of the popular Aura digital frame, you are not alone. It’s more like your personal NFT that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Moreover, this being a totally different concept could become the next fad. Imagine young buddies bragging about their heirlooms at a coffee shop – giving reasons why their ancestors were the coolest people around in the yesteryears.

As the designers imagine this to be a single fashion accessory to keep all your heirlooms for countless years, passing them down to the next generations (who are going to be even more tech-savvy) in the digital form makes complete sense. This ensures, even if the real heirloom is damaged or lost, it still lives in the memories forever in the form of high-resolution photos or videos.

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