Dior Vibe Capsule Collection

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In a bold blend of athleticism and elegance, the Dior Vibe capsule collection emerges under the creative vision of Maria Grazia Chiuri. This collection infuses the essence of sportswear with the storied sophistication of Dior, showcasing a harmonious palette of blues, whites, and reds. Central to the collection is Monsieur Dior’s beloved lucky star, which finds its way onto an array of pieces, including sweatshirts, undershirts, and hooded jackets, adding a touch of destiny to each item.

Dior Vibe Capsule Collection
Dior Vibe Capsule Collection

The accessories are no less striking. The Dior Book Tote and a sleek backpack receive a mesmerizing makeover with a hypnotic print that captivates at first glance. This print is cleverly reimagined as a patch, proudly bearing the “Christian Dior Paris” signature, lending a bold edge to selected designs. This signature motif becomes a talisman, not just adorning but elevating the collection’s footwear—namely, the dynamic Dior Vibe sneakers and the high-top Dior Star sneakers—into coveted pieces that promise an assertive and liberated demeanor.

The collection also pays tribute to Paris, a city close to the heart of the founding couturier. A grand depiction of the Eiffel Tower gracefully adorns T-shirts, encapsulating the allure of the fashion capital. This iconic silhouette enhances the legendary Lady Dior and the Saddle bags, along with the Teddy-Det bob and an elegant plaid, weaving the spirit of Paris throughout the collection.

Dior Vibe Capsule Collection

Dior Vibe is a celebration of motion and the joy of sports, a testament to the enduring modernity of Dior. This capsule collection will be available in select Parisian boutiques starting July 4, 2024, inviting admirers of fashion and athleticism alike to explore a wardrobe that truly surpasses boundaries.

Dior Vibe Capsule Collection

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