Never Be Late Again With This BOGO Watch Sale at MVMT

never-be-late-again-with-this-bogo-watch-sale-at-mvmt in

MVMT is back with a new deal that’s ending… sometime soon. Right now, you can buy one watch and get the other for 50% off using the offer code BOGO50. There isn’t a visible end date, but since it’s a last-chance sale, it’s likely to end this week. In the meantime, there are a ton of watches both in masculine and feminine styles.  

Typically, when you’re thinking about a brand like MVMT, you only think about watches, but there are other accessories on sale too, including bracelets, glasses and sunglasses. That said, of the items on sale, the watches are the most interesting. For watches in masculine styles, the lowest priced item is the Forest Camo for $57, though that strap might not match your office outfit. The next best thing in terms of price would be the Element Alkali Tan watch for $86. It’s a minimalist piece with a cool angular date window.  

Feminine styles don’t get any lower than $86. But these watches are just as nice. You can grab a Dot Bolt Black watch, a classic design featuring a black leather strap and domed dial markers. But if you prefer gray, you can grab that version or a taupe Signature II watch with a clean dial for $92.

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