Welcome back to So You Want To…a column dedicated to, hm, well I suppose whatever I decide it is! But mostly it is a column dedicated to vibes and fashion: specific events and feelings and whims. This month my whim is…jewelry! I’ve never been a big jewelry person, I am the kind of person who has worn the same ring on my right hand since my parents gave it to me when I was eighteen and I literally have not taken it off since. But something about the coming spring and wanting to feel a little more…exciting? When I do deign to put on real clothes and venture out of my house has made me wonder if jazzing up (“jazzing up” ??? Who says that???) outfits with some bling might make me feel a bit more fun? Or like myself? Or like whoever I want to be right now? Some combination of all of the above, I think. So I browsed, took note of the trends out there right now, and I am here to present you a spring jewelry guide with some fun baubles that might shake things up for you too!


Okay, so I don’t know that I personally am gonna go like, full on body chain slash collar, but! It IS fun and bold, and wow body chains are having a MOMENT right now! Maybe I am not so brave to wear one fully chest first but…I don’t know, summer is around the corner! I’m always gonna be a sucker for a wire wrapped witchy stone moment, and big, natural gems and stones are very much in the air and on the runways. I would absolutely toss this one over a sleeveless turtleneck. And if you are not fully scarred by the late 90s and early aughts, get yourself a fun choker! I like the simplicity of this gold V, and I have been deeply into a necklace that evokes a collar lately?? Blame my recent watch of The Expanse for that, I guess.


Well is it cuffing season in these streets or what! Sorry, that was a terrible pun, but wow cuffs are the bracelet du jour right now! And not just simple, delicate cuffs, though I will always have an affinity for those, but big, statement cuffs that are all drama and frankly a ton of fun. There is also a ton of bright, fun enamel happening, which is kind of evocative being kid while still managing to feel like an adult? I’m into it!


My ears have not been pierced for many years, due to one hole closing and me being like…eh, who really cares? I have so much hair that I don’t find that I miss the chance to adorn myself with an earring. That being said…ear cuffs? Very into that. Again, seeing a ton of bright and fun enamel here, like this little CAT on a MOON? For a slightly more refined vibe, these sea glass-esque statement earrings really speak to me. Frankly I laughed so hard the dumb bitch juice ones that I truly did consider getting my ears re-pierced.


Whew, I love a good ring! Whenever I feel like I want new jewelry, rings are always where I start. I am not fully sold on this butterfly enamel one, but when I tell you the 2000s are back, I am not kidding! Butterflies are everywhere, and this version is the one I could actually see myself rocking, maybe a bit tongue in cheek, but rocking! This huge, dramatic signet ring is truly the dandy from a noble house in a fantasy novel that I want to be. Or maybe I want to be the witch who has this lightly sinister connected ring moment? Like, just look at that and tell me it doesn’t have power! And look, I will always be the mom friend who likes a minimalist ring, and I love the birthstone/initial combination here.