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It’s the cult winter item fashionistas have been drooling over. And now a dupe of the popular accessory is within reach of us mere mortals – for just $12.

For most of us mere mortals, designer items are very much out of reach.

Take for example Acne Studios’ wool scarf.

It’s been a cult winter item among fashionistas for the last few years, but its $410 price tag makes it unaffordable for most people living in the real world.

But one Kmart shopper has gone viral after spotting a similar version of the trendy accessory – which the department store is selling for just $12.

In a video that’s been viewed more than 211,000 times on TikTok, @sophia_harrison told people to “run don’t walk” so they can get their hands on the scarf.

She said the scarf was “cute and cosy”, as well as being “super soft” to touch.

The $12 Fluffy Scarf comes in three different check patterns of green, pink and purple hues.

While the scarf is similar in style to the Acne Studios version, it is made of polyester. The more expensive version is a mix of 33 per cent alpaca, 25 per cent wool, 20 per cent mohair and 22 per cent nylon mix.

The “Acne dupe” find had other fashionistas “obsessed”, while some lamented they couldn’t find any left in stores.

“Already sold out,” one commented.

“They were sold out when I got there … drove two hours,” one person wrote.

“I literally just bought this, don’t tell everyone,” another joked.

Fortunately Kmart isn’t the only retailer to stock the style this season. Cotton On is also selling a similar scarf for $20.

The $12 scarf isn’t the only sort-of, kind-of, designer item Kmart has been selling lately.

It also stocks a range of coffee table books starting at just $12 from designers such as Dior and Chanel.

Kmart also has a range of bracelets featuring Swarovski crystals for $15, shocking customers when they spotted the big-name jewellery brand on store shelves.

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